Mittwoch, 19. Februar 2014

Barbarians and Fools

Two additional character classes for World of Dungeons:

BARBARIANS get Perseverance. Chose two special abilities: Berserk (+2 melee damage, +2 armor, needs to make a CON check to stop fighting once activated), Brawny (+1 melee and thrown weapons damage, can re-roll damage once per attack), Instinct (can re-roll DEX when reacting to dangerous situations), Rugged (+1 Hit Die, +3 HP).

FOOLS get Cunning. Chose two special abilities: Exasperation (once per day, convince fate to intervene), Defiance (+1 when defying danger or death), Tinker (you can attempt to quickly pick a lock, pick a pocket, or disarm a trap), Wunderkind (once per session, you can use a special ability of any class).

Fools inspired by +Zak Smith's Alice character class

You can download +John Harper's World of Dungeons for free here.

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